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Easter and Things

Isn't this one of the most wonderful times of the year?  Traditions, Family, Friends, Loved Ones gather.  What Easter Traditions do you celebrate?

I remember daddy always making sure that mama bought us a new outfit for church.  The whole wardrobe, dresses, gloves, crinolines, lacy socks and shiny patent leather shoes for we girls.  Suits, shirts and shoes if needed for the boys.

Downton Abbey

This picture is so old, stained and torn but brings back memories.  I really wanted this pink dress and remember the day mama took me to Sears & Roebucks to buy it.  My aunt worked there.  "Aunt Jinks" we called her.  So of course this is where we shopped.  This is the first time I can remember, notice I said, "I can remember, being a brat."

Dolly age 6 or 7

I pulled the tag off of that pretty pink dress with the satiny covered buttons!  She liked another dress on me and I wanted this one.  What did I do?  Well I pulled that tag off of it!  Yes me, I took the tag off thinking, "She'll have to buy this one now not that ugly one!"  Bad I was bad!  My Mama "Dot" was one of a kind that's for sure.  She said," I hope you don't think that will make me buy that one!" Then she proceeded to tell me that was wrong to do that.  We had a huge discussion of how she could ask them to replace that tag.  I thought, "I have gone and done it now." :(  Well you see who got the dress...laughing... Oh how I miss my mama.

Easter dress and mama had my hair cut.  I remember having to get used to the shorter version of my curly hair that they tried so hard to tame.  Funny the things you remember.

The tradition carried on with me when I married and had my beautiful little girls.  I would sew and make their Easter Dresses.  Daddy always had to contribute to them so therefore he would give me money to buy what was needed.  That usually was a crinoline to go under their new little creations.

I've made this one before for Carly she looked like Little Bo Peep.  May have made it for Catie also.  She always looked like she came off of "Little House on the Prairie".  I do need to scan some of the older photos of them.  They were adorable in their dresses.

Shopping for the Easter Meal now that was an adventure.  Shopping the Saturday before Easter with Mama "Dot" that was a treat.  One in which I am still observing, I must go grocery shopping and buy my ham.  If you want to see some of the menu items that we have on Easter visit Dolly is Cooking

Our favorite Easter Menu Recipes Here 

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Delicious foods, decorations, happy children, friends and family.  Thankful to Jesus Christ for the sacrifice that saved us all!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spotlight Story Artist Series: Tmari Ti' na of Kuwa Katsi

Tmari Ti' na Johnson
(pronounced; Tim are ee Tie nay)
Studio Kuwa Katsi  
can be seen here

Hibiscus House is proud to present Artist Tmari Ti' na Johnson, in her own words:

I was born in the 60s.  I got polio 6 months later, that is a whole other story there.  I stayed in the hospital until I was 9 months old.

I was sent to be raised by my Chickasaw Great Grandmother until I was 6 years old.  I learned a great deal from this great grandmother.  I learned to speak Chickasaw, beadwork, rug weaving, basket making, drum making, herbal medicine.

I was then sent back to my parents and 4 brothers.

I learned how to draw and paint from my Choctaw Grandmother.  I learned how to cook from my Ohlone/Italian grandmother and her Italian mother.

I learned how to build things from wood, carve fetishes, communicate with nature spirits, dream walk and work with crystals from my Chickasaw/Welsh Grandfather.  I was casting/reading Runes by 10.

I learned English by the 3rd grade.  I still talk sideways when I get excited. (lol).  I am very creative and often my work has several meanings to it.  Those that pick up on it can see it right off; those that are not as in tune never see it.  I don't point this out to anyone, this way they can make the discovery on their own.  If they see it, they tell me.

I have done commissioned pieces over the years for all sorts of people, for many different reasons, subjects etc.  Not many people want to know that there is healing power in color/images/texture.  They just like what they see and that's all they care to know about the piece.  That's alright.  Those who want to know more will ask me.

I don't go around advertising or promoting myself as an Artistic Shaman or anything like that.  My work has ended up in homes, offices, banks, schools all around the USA, Canada and Germany.

This is my only source of income, I don't get any aid for being disabled.  I don't get any aid for being Native American.  I do my craft in whatever form that is at the time of doing....

Tmari Ti' na 

dolly's designs has Tmari's Art Gallery up for more beautiful 
artwork here
Please take the time to see these pieces and contact Tmari for any art she may have on hand or to commission her to do what she does best!

You can contact Tmari:
Her work is shown on her Facebook Page Kuwa Katsi  
She sells from this site. Kuwa Katsi Studio Store
You can write to here this address:
Kuwa Katsi Studio
Tmari Ti' na Johnson
Po Box 331
Reed Point, MT.  59069

I want to thank you Tmari for sharing your very interesting life and talents with us.

link within

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